Big ideas for a small living room Sophia Calima

Big ideas for a small living room

A small living room needs to be versatile. From sharing moments with dear ones, to a quick power nap, a nook for hobbies or even a dedicated corner for work, anything is possible with thoughtful planning. Furniture sizes should match the space. Here are some tips to get you started:

Remember to choose comfortable seats which support your body. There are also convertible sofa beds and my personal favorite, seating with storage. I like to sit on it before I buy because I get a better feel of the frame and the fabric.

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As a general rule, the coffee table top should be as high as the sofa seat. Glass tops give the illusion of a bigger space, while wood tops are warm and sturdy. Nesting tables and c side tables are also very useful in a small space.


A combination of open and closed storage is very important in any space. Place frequently used items and meaningful objects on display, and the rest can go inside drawers or cabinets. Although tall storage is helpful, keep in mind that it blocks out light and it can be a challenge to maintain it.

Big ideas for a small living room Sophia Calima
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Whenever possible, use natural or recycled materials. A semi-sheer window treatment diffuses the light without blocking it completely. Cushions and throws make the room more comfortable, while an area rug anchors the space. Whatever you choose, remember that fabrics are a great way to add color and depth to a room.


Create layers of light with different fixtures that are suited for different situations. An overhead lamp gives a soft glow, while a directed light can be used to focus on a small area. Dimmable and color changing bulbs allow for more flexibility.

Big ideas for a small living room 3 Sophia Calima
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Air quality

Keep the room fresh by ensuring that clean air circulates throughout the space. Overhead fans and exhaust fans are very useful yet the simplest way is to open a window. Air purifiers with HEPA filters trap dust and allergens, while natural essential oils and soy wax candles are great alternatives to ordinary air fresheners. Choose finishes and materials with low VOC and air out new furniture before putting it inside your living space.

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