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Excerpt from bedroom eBook: Think about how much space is needed to move around the bed, other pieces of furniture and when opening doors or casegoods, drawers. Rethink the bedroom tv if it doesn’t foster rest and renewal. Common bedroom furniture include: wardrobe, bedside tables, desk, dresser, drawers, shelves. As long as there’s good flow and enough space, a reading nook, meditation corner, or a yoga / exercise area can be considered too!

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Excerpt from home office eBook: When planning the flow of the room, ensure there’s ample space between furniture for people to move around easily. If a wireless setup isn’t possible, include cable management, like grommets, tracks, mouldings, power strips and charging stations. Choose a desk size that can accommodate all working materials used daily, plus extras. Do you drink coffee while working? Do you need a computer? Make a list of your work essentials and then choose the correct desk size. Remember that room size is fixed, so select one that fits in your space. Make the best of what you have!

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Excerpt from living room eBook: Towering pieces of furniture make a space look smaller, while ample and accessible storage units ensure we have what we need within reach. Try to keep 80% of items in closed storage and reduce visual clutter by putting things back after each use. The TV, sound system, gaming console and router can be stored in a media cabinet. Choose one that’s human-scaled with cable management so it doesn’t feel imposing. There are also ways to conceal the TV screen when not in use

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Tips and tricks on how to measure a space from a pro (in metric and English systems)


Create good flow and make your own furniture layout plan


Choose a pleasing color scheme using simple, tried and tested guidelines


Includes a step-by step worksheet to help put your dream room together!


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DIY eBook

Living Room

DIY eBook


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These are room by room DIY (do it yourself) eBooks authored by Sophia Calima. With more than 15 years of experience as an interior designer in Milan, Chicago, Manila, Singapore and Cebu, she walks you through measurements, purpose, planning, furniture, window treatments, lighting, colors for each room. Need more inspiration? There are plenty of sample layouts in metric and English systems. There’s also a style guide and a worksheet to help you put it all together! See recommendations from satisfied clients below

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About Sophia

Get to know more about Sophia, what drives her and how she can help co-create spaces that enrich your well-being and success
Sophia Calima Profile

Born in Manila and inspired by the life-changing power of well-designed interior spaces, Sophia Calima completed her Interior Design degree from the renowned Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. Driven by a desire to find synergy between modern, western and eastern sensibilities, she went on to learn first-hand from global design luminaries

Her time in Chicago, Milan, Manila, Singapore, and Cebu imbued her with a distinctive design approach and methodology

In 2017, one of her projects was recognised as “one of the best condominium units” by a Philippine publication. A year after, she was selected by Mega Publishing as one of the “Home Designers That Should be on Your Radar.” She served as the Assistant Secretary of the National Committee on Architecture and Allied Arts with NCCA, under the office of the Philippine President. In 2021, she completed an advanced diploma in holistic interior design from the United Kingdom’s Holistic Design Institute. It’s led by an author and a pioneer in the field of Holistic Design, environmental and colour psychology, colour therapy. She is also a part time faculty in interior design with La Consolacion College Bacolod, Philippines. In 2022, she completed a certificate course in Fundamentals of Project Management from the Asian Institute of Management in the Philippines

She spends her free time learning about health, well-being, meditation, personal finance and visiting beautiful places for r&r and designspiration


Spaces that are put together help us get it together! Our homes, workplaces and environments we frequent are extensions of ourselves and our energy fields. We influence these settings with our personalities, while design elements like colors, light, configuration, proportions, acoustics, materials, among others, drive our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Our choices, including what we surround ourselves with, how we treat ourselves, and what we allow into our lives, mirror what’s going on inside our minds. When we change our habits, we also need to adjust our immediate environments to support our goals. It’s easier to engage with a new lifestyle, and live our best lives, inside spaces that have been intentionally designed to suit that purpose. With a multidisciplinary approach, Sophia’s projects span interiors, furniture, graphic design and holistic interior design