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Home Office Makeover

Set your home office up for success!


“Desk placement depends on the floor area and preferences of the resident. For example, some prefer to have a view of the front door (while not being directly in line with it), some want a pleasing outdoor view, while others prefer a desk in the corner because it leaves space for more furniture in the layout. Depending on what’s needed, consider room dividers, a plain (or pleasing) backdrop or acoustic panels, door seals to improve the atmosphere and sound quality”

This eBook has over 40 pages of essential home office content and pro tips!

Create good flow and make your own home office furniture layout plan

Sample layouts in metric and English systems

Learn how to choose a ‘boss’ chair

Get acquainted with cable management and office storage

Learn about furniture, lighting, window treatments for the home office

Choose a pleasing home office color scheme using tried and tested guidelines

Get inspired! Sophia’s worksheet shows you how to put it all together

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Excerpt from home office eBook: When planning the flow of the room, ensure there’s ample space between furniture for people to move around easily. If a wireless setup isn’t possible, include cable management, like grommets, tracks, mouldings, power strips and charging stations. Choose a desk size that can accommodate all working materials used daily, plus extras. Do you drink coffee while working? Do you need a computer? Make a list of your work essentials and then choose the correct desk size. Remember that room size is fixed, so select one that fits in your space. Make the best of what you have!

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Tips and tricks on how to measure a space from a pro (in metric and English systems)


Create good flow and make your own furniture layout plan


Choose a pleasing color scheme using simple, tried and tested guidelines


Includes a step-by step worksheet to help put your dream room together!

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Do it yourself (DIY) eBook to help you turn your home office design goals into reality!

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