how the right bedroom design can help you sleep better sophia calima

How the right bedroom design can help you sleep better

Which hue are you?

To get the most out of your time in this room, use colors that promote rest and renewal. Pastel colors are a great choice because they are calming and can help you get a good night’s sleep. Some other colors that have been shown to be relaxing are pale green and lavender. The easiest way to bring these colors in is to choose bed linens in these shades

Clutter isn’t sexy

Even with the right colors, a bedroom full of unnecessary items won’t be comfortable. Start by evaluating what you really need in your bedroom. Keep only what is necessary for a good night’s rest and let go of the rest. It is recommended to put the television and the work area outside of the bedroom. These can be sources of distraction and can keep you from getting the rest you need

Noise and light

Light sleepers will benefit from door and window seals, and black out curtains. These help keep out unwanted noise and light from the bedroom. Some people find it helpful to use a noise machine to create white noise, which can mask unwanted sounds. If you are unable to block out noise or light with these methods, consider wearing ear plugs or eye masks to help you get the rest you need

The nose knows

If you are looking for a delicate and soothing scent for your bedroom, consider using florals like lavender, jasmine (or sampaguita), or rose as room sprays and diffuser blends. Remember to support pure, organic, fair trade products if you can!

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