How to Style a Coffee Table

I’ve styled and seen many coffee tables as an interior designer. Its the second most important piece of furniture in the living area imho. Balance charm and function with these ideas and take your styling skills up a notch:
✔ It should reflect your personality
What do you like? Do you have unique souvenirs you’d like to display?
✔ Keep it functional
Organize things so it supports the way you want to use your table. Do you put your feet up on the it? Or is it a writing surface? Adjust placement of objects to suit your purpose
✔ Introduce harmony
Style it in a way that it ties in with the rest of the space. Use colors that are already in the area

coffee table and tray

✔ Go big
Several bigger items look better than loads of smaller items
✔ Group objects of different heights and different textures
Try this: a small ceramic tray on top of a huge coffee table book, and a tall vase with plants on the side
✔ Use a tray
Use it to hold several pieces and minimize clutter. A beautiful tray is also a statement!

✔ Create book stacks
Try this: put a small object on top of a medium sized book, and put these two on top of a bigger book
✔ Include practical items
Try this: a storage box, a small chest, an old jewelry box or a pretty cookie tin to hold remote controls, odds and ends
✔ Add a little perspective
Experiment with orientation and alignment. Not all things need to face the same direction, not everything needs to be aligned. This works well if the coffee table is for decorative purposes
✔ The nose knows
Add scented candles or an essential oil diffuser. Choose nontoxic candles, like beeswax and soy wax, with phthalate free fragance. An ultrasonic essential oil diffuser with organic essential oils work too!
✔ Moderation is 🗝 Remember not to over decorate. A cluttered space doesn’t function as well as an organized one