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Living Room Makeover

Make an inviting living room and share meaningful moments with loved ones


“Ideally, the sofa length isn’t more than 2/3 of the wall behind it. Similarly the coffee table length shouldn’t exceed 2/3 of the sofa length. Footstools or ottomans should be a little lower than the sofa seat. Appropriate furniture placement can encourage people to chat, to read a book, to relax, and so on”

This eBook has over 35 pages of essential living room content and pro tips!

Create good flow and make your own living room furniture layout plan

Sample layouts in metric and English systems

Learn how to make an inviting and functional living room

Learn how to choose comfortable seats

Get acquainted with different kinds of living room elements

Learn about furniture, lighting, window treatments for the living room

Choose a pleasing living room color scheme using tried and tested guidelines

Get inspired! Sophia’s worksheet shows you how to put it all together

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Excerpt from living room eBook: Towering pieces of furniture make a space look smaller, while ample and accessible storage units ensure we have what we need within reach. Try to keep 80% of items in closed storage and reduce visual clutter by putting things back after each use. The TV, sound system, gaming console and router can be stored in a media cabinet. Choose one that’s human-scaled with cable management so it doesn’t feel imposing. There are also ways to conceal the TV screen when not in use

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Tips and tricks on how to measure a space from a pro (in metric and English systems)


Create good flow and make your own furniture layout plan


Choose a pleasing color scheme using simple, tried and tested guidelines


Includes a step-by step worksheet to help put your dream room together!

Living Room Interior design Sophia Calima

Do it yourself (DIY) eBook to help you turn your living room design goals into reality!

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