Top Tips for your Home Office Sophia Calima

My top tips for a home office

The home office is a place for focus and productivity. Whether it’s a small desk in a living area or a dedicated room, it should foster efficiency and creativity. At the minimum, a home office should be a quiet place to work, and a space to speak with clients on the phone. The correct design elements in the workspace influence your success! Choose wisely!

Here are more tips:

✅Your ‘boss’ chair should support your body (an ergonomic chair)

Make sure your chair supports your body correctly. That means the feet should touch the floor, and the chair should be comfortable even after long hours

✅Your desk should have a stable frame, solid table top, and should provide an ample work area

Choose sustainably farmed local wood and ensure your work tools, appliances fit on the table top

✅Ensure there’s ample space between furniture for people to move around easily

You don’t want your clients to feel cramped or uncomfortable in your home office. By leaving plenty of space between furniture, you can ensure that everyone will be able to move around comfortably

✅If a wireless setup isn’t possible, include cable management, like grommets, tracks, mouldings, power strips and charging stations

By taking a few minutes to organize cables, you can create a tidy and comfortable workspace

✅Consider room dividers, a plain (or pleasing) backdrop or acoustic panels, door seals to improve the atmosphere and sound quality

A cork board or white board can help organize ideas while a vision board is a visual reminder of what’s important

✅Plants help minimize sound and increase productivity of occupants

Indoor plants help you reconnect with nature during a busy day

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