Reach new heights in your home office with these wall mount wonders Sophia Calima

Reach new heights in your home office with these wall mount wonders

Do you want to maximize your home office? Try these ideas and say goodbye to underused vertical surfaces!


These boards have regularly spaced holes into which pegs can be fitted. These pegs can hold home office supplies, shelves, trays or hooks. You can buy neutral colored boards or paint them to suit your decor

Wire grid panels

From heart shaped, circular to rectangular ones, these panels can hold hooks, shelves or baskets. Want to add photos? Try clips!

French cleat

This kind of storage is also very useful for the garage. Moldings are cut with a 30 to 45 degree slope and are used in pairs. One is mounted to the wall while a matching edge is on the object to be hung. Check this out for an ombre french cleat wall 

Picture ledges

Photos, art, books, and small knick-knacks can all be displayed on a picture ledge. This type of shelf is great for showing off your favorite things and adding some personality to your home office

Whiteboards, corkboards, vision boards

A whiteboard is perfect for writing down to-dos or ideas. You can also use it to brainstorm with a group. Corkboards are great for posting flyers, photos, or notes. Both are perfect for keeping track of deadlines or important dates

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